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High-performance from standard components

The customer-specific IPC systems from STEMMER IMAGING ensure that the components are perfectly matched, thus saving precious time for OEMs and system integrators when assembling and deploying system components. Simply switch the machine on and just get down to programming your own image processing application, for example. This approach effectively does away with the time-consuming problems that can occur during installation. The Stemmer industrial PCs contain nothing but high-quality standard components with no proprietary add-ons. Each complete system is specially adapted to suit the requirements of the customer. The range available covers the inexpensive tower PCs right up to high-speed PCI-X systems. One example of a high-performance system of this sort is the dual Xeon system which can write data at a rate of 200 MByte/s directly to a hard disk using the CVB Movie software – and can keep doing so for almost 30 minutes. The same system, equipped with an X64-CL Full frame grabber card from Coreco Imaging, captures data from cameras at data rates of up to 600 MByte/s and transfers the full data rate to the main memory for almost 4 seconds. Ask our sales department for information about an image processing system tailored to meet your specific needs.