Sonntag, September 24, 2023
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Basler Introduces a New 3 Line x 4080 Pixel

Specifications such as 3 line x 4080 pixel resolution, a line rate up to 7.2 kHz and selectable 8 or 10 bit output are persuasive arguments for the L304kc. In addition, the camera offers features such as electronic exposure time control, integrated spatial correction, test images and an area of interest scanning capability. Since the design of the L304kc is based on a 3 line CCD sensor, it results in a cost effective, lower weight camera that does not need the expensive special lenses often required on other types of color line scan cameras.

The L301kc (3 line x 2098 pixel), our first generation color line scan camera, is known in the market as a powerful performer with superior product quality. The L304kc continues this tradition with an easily integrated Camera LinkTM interface, a simple Windows-set up tool, a compact housing and a low camera weight.

“With the L304kc, we capitalize on our success in the color line scan market. This new camera combines the advantages of tri-linear technology with the demands for higher resolution and higher line rates”, explains product manager Christoph Noth.

Common applications for the Basler L304kc are print inspection, document scanning and food and forestry products inspection. With this camera, Basler will expand its leadership position as a manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality components for image processing.

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