Basler Adds Color to the A400 Series – These 4 Megapixel, 96 FPS Cameras Have Superior Image Quality

By combining the well-known benefits of the A400 series with the advantages of color imaging, Basler has addressed increasing needs in the high-end segment of the industrial camera market. For applications where color is important, these new cameras offer better differentiation of image nuances than can be achieved with a monochrome camera.

The CMOS sensor used in A400k cameras offers comparable image quality to corresponding CCD Sensors, but it has a huge advantage in the frame rate. While CCD sensors in this size range are usually limited to 15 frames per second, the CMOS sensor allows frame rates of up to 96 frames per second.

A400 series cameras also include a programmable AOI and exposure time sequencer. This unique feature lets the user program an automated sequence of changes in the camera’s Area of Interest and exposure time settings without using the serial communications port. Using the sequencer results in shorter and more reliable inspection cycle times. Extraordinary image quality and performance makes this camera perfect for advanced imaging applications.

“This camera was designed to fill the gap in the market for a 4 megapixel color camera with a speed higher than 15 frames per second. It can significantly improve the throughput and inspection performance of our customers’ machines. A new generation of CMOS sensors provides superior image quality on the A400 series cameras," says Lars Hansen, Basler-VC Product Manager.

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