FO800R optical repeater

The DCAM standard (IIDC v. 1.3) specifies a max. cable length of 4.5meter for cameras based on IEEE1394 technology. NET New Electronic Technology GmbH offers a solution with the optical repeater FO800R for applications where longer cable distances have to be covered.

The FO800R consists of two repeater being connected via glass fiber optic cable. This kind of data communication makes it easy to reach distances of up to 1000meter between camera and PC. The speed for IEEE1394.b standard reaches 800, 400, 200, 100Mbps and for IEEE1394.a standard 400, 200, 100Mbps.

A cost effective way that doesn’t require a configuration after the connection from camera to PC has been completed. The FO800R includes two repeater, one power supply and two IEEE1394 cable, á 1m. The necessary optical cable is available in lengths from 10 to 1.000meter.