Donnerstag, Februar 9, 2023

Machine Vision

The Machine Vision Portal

Vision Components GmbH invites visitors to the Vision 2005

VC2065EC, the first full-color capable industrial smart camera with 24 bit truecolor VGA live display and innovative color processing;

VC44xx: the brand new and highly innovative smart camera series with extremely powerful TMS320C6414 DSP with 1 GHz clock speed and 8000 MIPS;

VC4058: high speed smart camera with 250 fps full frame and up to 1000 fps binning mode capture;

VC4072: 2-megapixel smart camera.

VC4002L linescan smart camera with 2048 pixels for half the price of a conventional (dumb) linescan camera;

SBC4018 and SBC4014: unique smart camera boards for OEM;

VC4018 and VC4016: low-cost smart cameras in extremely compact housing. Vision Components also invites visitors to their seminars during the show in room VII. Starting at 2 p.m. each day, there will be 90 minutes of product and programming tutorial.

Visitors may request their free show ticket on Vision Components’ website at