Freitag, Juni 2, 2023

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Basler Introduces Cameras with Support for the GenICam Standard

The starting point for GenICam is a comprehensive description of the properties of a camera device in an XML file. Based on this description, a translator produces a C++ application program interface through which an application can communicate with the camera. The advantage of GenICam is that product and manufacturer specific details can be hidden in the XML description. The benefit for the customer is that they can change cameras or change interface technologies, such as IEEE 1394 or GigE, with little or no change to the software in their applications.

The GenICam group operates under supervision of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA). According to a statement by Dr. Fritz Dierks, the head of software development at Basler, we can expect a growing number of GenICam based products from different manufacturers in the following months. You can find more information on GenICam at:

Basler-VC designs and manufactures advanced vision components for industrial users. Products include color and monochrome line scan, basic area scan, and intelligent area scan digital cameras ideal for high-speed and/or high-resolution applications. Product designs are driven by industry requirements offering easy interfacing, compact size, and a strong price/performance ratio.

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