Samstag, September 30, 2023
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HALCON Offers the Largest Number of Interfaces

MVTec’s machine vision software HALCON offers interfaces to more than 50 frame grabbers and to hundreds of industrial cameras of well-known manufacturers. Consequently, concerning image acquisition, HALCON is the most flexible and independent software for machine vision on the world market.

MVTec continuously develops new so-called frame grabber interfaces. From the beginning, it was the declared intention of the HALCON engineers not only to be independent from operating systems but also to connect to image acquisition devices being or getting relevant for the world market.

“We continuously monitor the market demand”, says Christoph Zierl, responsible for the development of the interfaces. “Whenever we see a new trend, we quickly start to develop an interface in close collaboration with the manufacturer.” Thus, HALCON soon has a new interface when a new camera or frame grabber enters the market. Users can download all interfaces from MVTec’s website for free. Therefore, every customer can keep pace with new hardware developments without investing in new software.

However, this flexibility of HALCON is also a commitment. Every new trend on the market has to be considered. Therefore, the standards CamerLink, IEEE 1394, GigE, USB 2.0, DirectShow, and TWAIN are already part of the portfolio of HALCON. Furthermore, by use of the HALCON frame grabber integration interface every programmer can integrate rather uncommon acquisition devices without problems.

Up-and-coming is the new GenICam standard, created to ease the handling of the increasing diversity of image acquisition devices. As a leading software company in the machine vision industry, MVTec is one of the contributing members of the GenICam standard group. This group has the ambition to develop a generic interface that allows accessing all CameraLink, GigE or IEEE 1394 cameras with the same methods. A first impression of how to make use of the new GenICam standard was presented at the MVTec booth on the VISION show 2005 in Stuttgart. HALCON is already attuned to GenICam.

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