ActivVisionTools 3.1 with Highly-Robust Data Code Reader

2D and multi-line (stacked) bar- and data codes already substitute entire documents of correspondence between trade partners. The data code reader of ActivVisionTools 3.1 excels in its outstanding robustness, for example against arbitrary rotation of the objects, and its high speed. Even extremely high differences of illumination inside a data code image are barely relevant. Moreover, ActivDataCode reads reliably even if codes are partly occluded. Furthermore, the data code reader automatically adapts to dimension, printing technology, as well as illumination and contrast variances of the data codes.

ActivVisionTools is based on the operators of HALCON, the comprehensive software library for machine vision that is used worldwide. Thus, ActivVisionTools runs reliably and has the power of great machine vision software.

The open software architecture of ActivVisionTools is extensible and scalable to always fit customers’ needs. In addition to the new tool ActivDataCode, there are ActivOCR, ActivBarcode, ActivMeasure, ActivAlignment, and ActivBlobFinder, to name just a few.

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