Basler Extends the eXcite Series with Four New Megapixel CCD Models

At full resolution, the new cameras can capture images at 17.8 and 14.0 fps respectively. Basler’s many years of experience in camera development and our unique automated production testing system ensure high-level, repeatable image quality on all camera models.

The eXcite integrates a top-quality digital camera and a complete high-performance PC in a small industrial grade housing. A 1.0 GHz processor running a Linux operating system is the heart of Basler’s eXcite and represents a new generation of performance in the intelligent camera class. Image processing can be done directly on the device allowing complex, high-speed applications. Instead of a large, inflexible interface, the standard Linux OS provides full access to the device and allows adaptation to a wide range of application specific requirements.
With the camera models now available in the extended eXcite family, you can select an optimal fit for a wide range of applications such as precision measurement and positioning systems or inspection and identification applications. By using the integrated communications interfaces on the eXcite, including opto-isolated digital IO’s, super-fast GigaBit Ethernet, a serial channel, and high-speed USB2.0, you can feed calculated results directly into the production process without the need for other hardware components. You can, for example, detect and remove defective parts from a production process. With the eXcite, a complete vision inspection system is packaged in a single, small component.  
Basler’s eXcite is a flexible, high-performance vision engine for advanced requirements.
Basler-VC designs and manufactures advanced vision components for industrial users. Products include color and monochrome line scan, basic area scan, and intelligent area scan digital cameras ideal for high-speed and/or high-resolution applications. Product designs are driven by industry requirements offering easy interfacing, compact size, and a strong price/performance ratio.

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