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SI-640HFM & RGB MegaCamera™

The MegaCamera™ SI-640HF utilizes a ½ inch optical format VGA resolution high-speed CMOS sensor with extra large 9.9µm square pixels. The large pixels collect more light in a shorter period time, allowing for higher frame rate operation and shorter exposures. It is capable of delivering superb images at a turbocharged 250 fps (500 fps in field mode). The entire camera is only 45x52x50mm (33x40x22 in PCB); Making it the perfect solution for machine vision inspection, object tracking, golf swing analysis and video special effects for use in movie production. The price for the SI-640HF monochrome or color is EUR 2.416,- NET.

–         640×480 Progressive Scan
–         ½” Imaging Format, 9.9µm Square Pixel
–         Full-Frame Shutter – Triggered & Live
–         Windowing at 2000 fps (160×120)
–         2x vertical Subsampling (odd/even field mode)

–         10 Bits per Pixel, 2 – 80 MHz Sampling

–         20 – 80 MHz Programmable Clock
–         Programmable Gain, Exposure & Clock
–         Auto Black Level Column Calibration
–         Manochrome & Color Bayer RGB Model
–         Custom PCB Version
–         CameraLink Interface
–         C-Mount Precision Machined Housing
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