Mittwoch, Februar 8, 2023

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Machine Vision Software Protects Programmers’ Know-How

So far, the development environment HDevelop already enabled its users to write and integrate external procedures. With HALCON 7.1.1, all procedures additionally can be protected by a password to control the readability of the procedure after it is loaded into HDevelop. Moreover, unauthorized users will not be able to obtain information about the procedures’ algorithms by examining the files on hard disk. Thus, from now on the programmers’ code and know-how can be safeguarded. Of course, by entering the correct password in HDevelop, it is possible to view and to modify the content of the external procedures in any way.

A further highlight of HALCON 7.1.1 is the release of the HDevEngine for the COM architectures Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and Delphi. Thus, the HDevEngine now is available for all HALCON users.

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HALCON is the comprehensive standard software library with the IDE for machine vision. HALCON provides an outstanding performance for blob analysis, morphology, pattern matching, metrology, 3D calibration, and stereo vision, to name just a few. HALCON offers more than 1150 operators and provides interfaces to hundreds of industrial image acquisition devices. Furthermore, HALCON is platform-independent and compatible to Windows, Linux, and Solaris.