Controller on board: 300.000 lux for Machine Vision

Controller on Board

The new, extremely bright vicolux® SPOT50 series spotlighting from Vision & Control sets new standards for Machine Vision. Vicolux® SPOT50 series spotlighting is particularly suitable for lighting tasks requiring large distances between the lighting and test object. With light intensities of over 300,000 lux, entirely new lighting concepts become feasible. The adjustable and lockable focusing optics create spot diameters of from 50 to 200 mm. If required, they can also be flashed over an ultra-short interval within the microsecond range.

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Power Flash controller, combined with slimmer lighting

Vision & Control, the international industrial Machine Vision component manufacturer has set new yardsticks for area lighting with its 4, 6 or 8 inch diagonal units. The newly developed vicolux® Power Flash lighting from Vision & Control promises 50 times more light than previous standard area lighting.
As Machine Vision processes in fast-running machines require an enormous amount of light at the shortest timescales, the company has now developed two new area lighting series employing a housing only 21 mm thick. The FAL series (for incident lighting) and the FDL series (for transmitted lighting) have radiant field diagonals of 4, 6 and 8 inches and are available as Power Flash models in 8 wavelengths useful for Machine ision, from UV to IR.

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Smart Camera prices reduced


VC reduce prices of Smart Cameras

Intelligent cameras for industrial environments, first introduced in 1995 at the VISION trade fair, are currently conquering a wide range of applications. Smart Cameras from Vision Components, which execute all image processing routines by themselves without the need for an additional PC, are a prime example. During the last weeks, the Ettlingen-based company concluded several major contracts.

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pictor® Smart Camera gigahertz breakthrough – currently the

Smart Camera

As is appropriate for the SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade fair, Vision & Control proudly presents the first combined hardware and software Smart Camera package employing a gigahertz signal processor. The pictor® M1817E intelligent camera is thereby the most powerful Smart Camera in the world using a universal graphic programming principle. The new Smart Camera from Vision & Control is an ideal automation component for mechanical and plant engineers as well as for automation technicians. 

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