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FOculus T-series CMOS CAMERAS IEEE1394a, FO1224 TB/TC , FO1433TB/TC, FO1421TC,FO1520TC, FO1631TC

The new line of  FOculus CMOS cameras are offered in a compact industrial housing measuring only 29 x 29 x 39 mm with C/ CS lens mount option. FOculus cameras offer fast frame rates at WideVGA ( 752 x 480 ) through MPixel (2048x 1536 ) resolution.Partial scan capability allows user to achieve higher frame rates at lower resolution. All product models are supported by our FREE FOculus SDK which is activeX compatible. We received numerous requests from customers developing imaging applications, for CMOS cameras,” said Joerg Clement Director International Sales at NET GmbH . “The FOculus T series camera address a wide range of customer needs, whether you are developing a new imaging application, or retrofitting an existing analog camera system” No Frame Grabber required. The following models will be available Q3 2007 from NET and its network of distributors:

FO1224 TB / TC , FO1433TB / TC, FO1421TC, FO1520TC,  FO1631TC  

NET GmbH, headquartered in Finning Germany, Since it was founded in 1996, New Electronic Technology NET GmbH has established a reputation for itself as a competent and experienced provider not just of standardised technical solutions but also of customised and sophisticated applications in the industrial, medical and research sectors. Moreover, thanks to our high levels of innovation and creativity, the product range is being continuously improved and we are able to offer an increasingly wide range of options to meet ever more stringent requirements. As a result, the company is continually expanding and its reputation as a reliable supplier and consultant for complex, yet affordable, solutions has spread to the four corners of the globe. For further information please feel free to contact either: NET GMBH, NET USA, the group's American subsidiary or NET Japan the group's Asian subsidiary.

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