Neue Treiber-Software Version 3.30 für alle uEye® Kameras!


Zur VISION 2008 stellt IDS eine neue Version seines uEye® Treibers vor. Das aktuelle Release 3.30 wartet mit zahlreichen Erweiterungen auf. Damit lässt sich die Performance des Gespanns Kamera/Software noch weiter steigern, ausserdem werden viele Hardware-Features noch besser unterstützt. Das gilt insbesondere für die Modelle mit Gigabit-Ethernet-Anschluss. So kann jetzt die RS232-Schnittstelle der Kamera in vollem Umfang als Standard-COM-Port genutzt werden, um damit z.B. einen Licht-Controller oder eine Schwenk-Neige-Halterung zu steuern.

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MVTec Introduces HALCON 9.0 at the VISION 2008

HALCON 9.0: The standard software for machine vision again introduces new technologies to the world market. MVTec Software GmbH announces the new version 9.0 of its software HALCON. With this software release, the Munich-based manufacturer of machine vision software again sets high standards at the VISION show 2008.

Within the machine vision community, HALCON is considered as a technology-leading force. The new version 9.0 will be released in January 2009 and provides unique innovations to the users.

Again, HALCON offers valuable speedups with its new version 9.0, especially regarding HALCON’s exceptional automatic operator parallelization, which distributes the processing to the number of available cores. This technique has been speeded up considerably and thus significantly increases the benefit of multi-core computers.

Furthermore, HALCON 9.0 provides unique new matching technologies. In the future, it will be possible to robustly and reliably find 2D objects (e.g., labels) or work pieces with a corresponding structure even in images with strong perspective distortions.
In addition to improvements of the well established matching and 3D vision techniques, HALCON 9.0 most notably offers a considerably enhanced usability. Moreover, from now on extremely large images of more than 32k x 32k pixels can be processed.

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