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CMOS image sensor for line scan cameras

The significant advantages of CMOS technology over CCD technology can also be implemented in line scan cameras. Due to ONCHIP processing, such as signal amplification and the A/D converter, analog signal transmission is no longer necessary and system noise is reduced. The CMOS technology allows for higher pixel frequencies and/or readout rates using the same interfaces, and is an essential requirement for high-resolution image processing tasks in the solar/glass industry and in the coating industry. In order to cope with the constantly increasing production speeds required for web material, the readout speed of the line scan camera is becoming an increasingly crucial factor. The level of light sensitivity provided by the latest CMOS generation is considerably higher, and easily compares with corresponding CCD technology.


Taking into account all of these factors, CMOS technology provides the basis for an increase in image processing requirements without increasing the system prices.


NED (Nippon Electro-sensory Devices Corp) has over 35 years experience in developing line scan cameras and systems. Since 2006 NED have been working on developing industry 1st CMOS Line Scan cameras, and have been able to realize a high speed camera lineup from 1k to 8k resolutions with low noise levels.


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