New software version 3.90 – great features for IDS uEye USB and GigE cameras

GigE uEye models now boast pulse width modulation (PWM) for the camera’s digital strobe output. This feature enables the camera to e.g. control the brightness of a light source connected to the strobe output. You can adjust frequency and duty cycle of the output signal and thus turn the camera into a function generator.

You can experiment with both the sequence mode and pulse width modulation in uEye cockpit, the comprehensive camera viewer included in the setup.

The boot booster enables you to access your GigE camera even faster. With this feature, cameras boot automatically when the computer is turned on. Hence the cameras are available immediately.

All features of the software development kit can be used with popular programming languages like C/C++, C# or VB. The drivers are available for Windows and Linux 32 and 64 bit and are identical for all IDS uEye camera models. Thus switching between camera models, camera families or even operating systems is very easy.

The software package is available for download for free at

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