PHAST-Camera Link Fiber Adapter

This compact set of fiber optic adapters supports Camera Link Full (8×8-bit) and Extended Full (10×8-bit) configurations with a pixel clock range up to 85MHz. PHAST plugs directly into any camera and framegrabber, extending transmission distance up to 250 meters via LC duplex fiber cables. When paired with ruggedized cables, this series is ideal for challenging applications, tight spaces, and harsh environments.



Key Features

• Offers 670MB/s bandwidth
• Plugs directly into cameras and framegrabbers without Camera Link cables, saving space and cost
• Supports Camera Link Base, Medium and Full configurations
• Sends high-speed, real time image data up to 250meters over LC duplex fiber cables
• Single 5~24VDC power supply
• Suports PoCL for Base configuration
• OEM solutions available

Available Models

Model Description Supported Mode
PHF-85-M025 60~85MHz, MM, 250meter Base, medium, full, 10x8bit
PHF-66-M025 24~66MHz, MM, 250meter Base, medium, full, 10x8bit


Author: Phrontier Technologies