PHLY Camera Link Repeater, PoCL

PHLY Camera Link Repeater is the ultimate solution for duplicating Camera Link cable length for all Base, Medium and Full configurations up to 85MHz. Featuring a mini camera link connector in a slim yet robust metal case, PHLY transmits high speed data with flexible PoCL configurations at your choice. The state-of-the art design allows easy and simple future upgrading as your system requirements change. PHLY is the preferred camera link repeater for space saving and cost sensitive applications.



Key Features
• Fully supports Camera Link cameras/framegrabbers up to 85MHz pixel clock
• Plug-and-Play, no programming required
• PoCL pass-through function allows PoCL compatible cameras to withdraw power from frame grabbers while PHLY power is supplied by its own DC input
• PoCL sharing function allows PoCL compatible cameras and PHLY to share power from frame grabbers
• PoCL enable function allows PHLY to withdraw power from frame grabber while camera is not PoCL compatible
• Optional power supply to camera when frame grabber does not have PoCL function
• Modules can be cascaded to increase link distance and share the same power source
• Single 5V~24V DC power supply

Available Models

When ordering, replace the “x” at the end of PHLY’s part number with the most appropriate option from below
• blank: Standard with PoCL pass-through and PoCL sharing function (Example: PHLY-B)
• E: PoCL-enabled function for PoCL framegrabber and non-PoCL camera (Example: PHLY-BE)
• P: PHLY supply power to camera with non-PoCL framegrabber (Example: PHLY-BP)

Product Number Description
PHLY-Bx Mini Camera Link repeater, Base, 24bit
PHLY-Fx Mini Camera Link repeater, Full/medium/base, 10x8bit
PHLY-Ux Mini Camera Link repeater upgrade module
PHLY-W Optional mounting flange kit (2 pieces)


Setup Diagram

Author: Phrontier Technologies