PHOX Camera Link Fiber Extender

A powerful Camera Link fiber extender designed for all Camera Link configurations, PHOX provides 2 Gb/s transport bandwidth at 66 MHz pixel clock (85 and 100 MHz available). With zero data loss and transparent transport, PHOX overcomes the 10 meter limit of copper Camera Link cables and extends camera signals as far as 50 km. Optimize 4 opto-isolated GPIO channels for external trigger and control.



Key Features

• The robust PHOX series comes in a rack-mountable cage for harsh environments.
• Supports all Camera Link Base, Dual Base, Medium and Full cameras/framegrabbers
• Zero data loss and transparent transport, no programming needed
• Sends high-speed, real-time image data over LC duplex fiber cables
• Single 5~24VDC power supply with locking AC/DC power adapters
• 250m transmission distance via multimode fiber or up to 50km via single mode fiber
• CWDM specific and single fiber options available upon request

Available Models

Camera Link Full Configuration
10×8, 8×8 bit—85MHz (100MHz available)
Camera Link Medium Configuration, 2×24 bit—66MHz * Camera Link Dual Base Configuration, 2×24 bit—66MHz*
MM, up to 300 m
MM, up to 250 m
MM, up to 250 m
PHOX-FL-10 SM, up to 10 km PHOX-ML-10 SM, up to 10 km PHOX-B2L-10 SM, up to 10 km
PHOX-FL-L10 SM, 1 fiber, 10 km PHOX-MM-A250 MM, 250m, 85MHz PHOX-B2M-A250 MM, 250 m, 85MHz
PHOX-FL-Cxx SM, CWDM wavelength PHOX-ML-A10 SM, 10 km, 85MHz PHOX-B2L-A10 SM, 10 km, 85MHz
Specifications Specifications Specifications
Camera Link Base Configuration, 24 bit—66MHz*
MM, up to 250 m
PHOX-BL-10 SM, up to 10 km
PHOX-BL-20 SM, up to 20 km
PHOX-BL-40 SM, up to 40 km
PHOX-BL-50 SM, up to 50 km


Author: Phrontier Technologies