USB-Monochrome high resolution Mini-Camera 1351UM-ML

Digital High-Resolution monochrome Mini-Camera (USB2) for Machine Vision
USB-Industrie-Kamera inkl. SDK zur Programmierung eigener Anwendungen.



Digital High-Resolution monochrome Mini-Camera (USB2) for Machine Vision

USB-Industrie-Kamera inkl. SDK zur Programmierung eigener Anwendungen.

USB-Monochrome Mini-Camera 1351UM-ML
Resolution: 1280X1024
Sensor size: 1/2″
Sensor type: Progress scan CMOS
Frame rate:

S/N: >43dB
Dynamic range: 60dB
Sensitivity: 1.0V@550nm/lux/S
Exposure mode: ERS + Snapshot

Output: USB 2.0
Max cable length: 4,5 meters (25 meters with repeaters)
Program control: Image size/ Brightness/Gain/Frame/rate/Exposure time
Lens adapter: CS-mount and C-mount
Power requirement: 5V (USB)
Power consumption: <2.25W
Dimension: 38x38X32
Weight: 67g


Company: Vision Dimension
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Zip-Code: 24106
City: Kiel
Country: Deutschland
Phone: 4943130034840
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