Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2024
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Compact system for precision positioning of industrial cameras

The axes are more compact than conventional types, since slides travel directly on the spindle channel’s dovetail profile. At 40 mm x 16 mm, the axes‘ profile cross-section is similar in size to a matchbox.

Cameras can be freely positioned at any angle. The system includes a comprehensive range of accessories – profile rails, rotary axes, angles, and exchangeable positioning tables for vertical or parallel-axis mounting – which allow for rapid construction of multi-axis assemblies. Unlike existing products, the autoVimation system requires no adapter plates, since all components feature the same profile systems. Camera housings or other axes can be mounted on the positioning tables by means of dovetail brackets. For ergonomic handling in any position, the feed cranks can be mounted on either end as required. A millimeter scale on the side of the profile facilitates exact adjustment of the slide position. Alternatively, autoVimation offers fine positioning axes with an integrated position sensor and an accuracy of 10 µm, accompanied by digital display modules that can visualize positioning data for up to three axes. Fixed in place, form-fit dovetail brackets withstand replacement forces up to 2000 N. They prevent scratching of the profiles and provide a secure hold even of vertically mounted axes and under high loads. Even with the bracket lose, the self-locking spindle drive prevents uncontrolled movement of the load in axial direction.