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Adimec Advanced Image Systems b.v.

Adimec Advanced Image Systems b.v.

Adimec is a global supplier of high-performance video cameras for use in machine vision, medical and military applications. The company is based in The Netherlands, with business offices in the United States and Japan.

"In our relationship with customers, we do not avoid discussions. When you understand and legitimize differences of opinion together, you ensure that one plus one will add up to at least three. Diamonds become brilliant after rubbing them together"

Just Smit, CEO Adimec

Adimec: Going beyond your Imagination

Adimec generates success. With sales that have increased since its foundation in 1992 by 25% to 30% annually, Adimec is growing even faster than the highly-competitive markets in which it operates. A major reason for that success is that Adimec concentrates on one sole objective: providing leading OEMs with camera products that surpass their expectations. If required customized.
In order to achieve this goal, Adimec has built its business approach on three pillars:

    * Expertise. In terms of both anticipating the demand in our three markets and developing superior technology based on that demand.
      We live by change. To us, change is not a threat but a condition for success.
    * Insight. Thanks to our proactive expertise, we have insight into the needs and worries of our customers, which we translate into solutions that offer more than what they asked for.
      We go beyond your imagination.
    * Trust. Our expertise and insight are optimized when the customers trust our ability to understand them and are thus willing to challenge our talents. Thanks to our experience we know the risks of the business. We make our customers feel secure.

Expertise, insight and mutual trust are the foundation upon which Adimec and the customer collectively achieve their goal: excellence in imagery. We believe that dissecting one another’s ideas and views is essential to that process. We add value by offering the right questions to your answers. These open discussions lead to results that make a difference.

“I enjoy adventurous journeys, but I also like to arrive safely. So what you do is choose the right destination, plan your route well, calculate the risks and be prepared to adapt to unexpected circumstances. That’s the way to explore unknown lands. It also is the way we work at Adimec”

Jochem Herrmann, CTO Adimec.

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