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Cohu Inc

Cohu Inc

Cohu, Inc., Electronics Division manufactures a wide selection of video cameras and related products.  We specialize in the practical application of advanced closed-circuit television technology for surveillance and process monitoring.  We are frequently cited as a “CCTV Solutions Provider.” Cohu is easily distinguished from the competition by our willingness and ability to create products that solve a customer's unique requirements.  From board-level electronic design to integrated systems engineering, Cohu delivers high performance solutions.  We’re an American-owned company with all manufacturing facilities located in the United States.

It is difficult to pigeon-hole the company because it serves the interests of governments, industry, medicine, science, education, and many others.

Security: Cohu camera systems are installed worldwide in applications ranging from aircraft in-flight safety and entertainment, surveillance systems for high-risk facilities, explosives detection, military targeting, border control, and hazardous material handling.

Advanced Imaging: Electro-optics technology has greatly expanded the role of CCTV in such applications as microbiology, laser research, computer-aided design, radiography, fluoroscopy, machine vision, and image processing.

Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Management: Cohu Electronics is clearly the leader in this field, with video systems installed in the largest transportation districts throughout North America, and gaining acceptance worldwide.  Typical ITS/traffic management applications include general highway surveillance, electronic toll collection verification, traffic responsive timing, wide area detection, and inspection checkpoints.

OEM Manufacturing: Cohu maintains a full Original Equipment Manufacturer staff to support other equipment manufacturers who incorporate our cameras into larger systems.

Company: Cohu Inc
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