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BitFlow Inc.

BitFlow Inc.

BitFlow is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software for the machine vision and image analysis industry. On the hardware side, we manufacturer industrical camera interfaces (frame grabbers). We support intefacing to analog, digital and Camera Link cameras, with standard and non-standard timing, in area scan and line scan formats. Our boards support cameras with output from 8 bits to 160 bits, with up to 10 parallel outputs (taps), with pixel clocks up to 85 MHz. These products are available for the PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express busses and can support sustained data rates of up to 2.0 GB/S.

On the software side, we provide Industrial & Scientific software and application development software. ImageWarp is our machine vision and image analysis package. It starts as an easy to use graphical algorithm development application. This application provides hundreds of vision operators, object measurement features and classification tools in an easy to learn environment. A powerful scripting language is included, and scripts practically write themselves as you experiment with your images. If you need to deploy your algorithm to the factory floor, we provide ImageWarp OEM, which is packaged and priced for the production environment.

If you are developing your own processing algorithms, and just need fast and efficient access to the incoming image data, BitFlow provides a software development kit (SDK). The SDK comes with everything you need to write your own machine vision application; libraries, DLLs, header files and ample examples (with source code) are included. The SDK provides everything from a high level buffer management system, to a direct hardware access API. Our SDK is the result of years of experience trying to make software interfaces for complex hardware as simple for the customer as possible

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