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CASIX designs, grows, manufactures, and/or supplies the highest quality crystal and precision optics products, lenses, coatings, and precision glass solutions for the communications, medical, imaging, and semiconductor markets worldwide at extremely competitive prices.

CASIX's crystal products include laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, birefringent crystals, and diode pumped microchip (DPM) crystal assemblies for commercial laser systems, instrument systems, and diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser module applications.

The company's precision optics capabilities include custom optics for market applications in DVD optical pickups, surveying instruments, instrumentation, semiconductor equipment, medical instruments, and telecom optical systems, plus display optics with advanced optical performance for projection displays and liquid crystal display (LCD) projection applications.

Through our sister company VitroCom, we fabricate custom designed and standard precision glass products and solutions for the fiber optic, laser, medical, optoelectronic, industrial, and laboratory and scientific markets with state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary processes. Products include ferrules and alignment sleeves, fiber optic substrates and packaging components, bores, tubing, Microcells, and Vitrotubes.

Company: CASIX, Inc.
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City: Fujian
Country: China
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