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StockerYale Inc.

StockerYale Inc.

Founded in 1946 as Stocker & Yale, Inc., StockerYale introduced diverse lighting applications to the optical and metrology industries. Today, StockerYale is an independent designer and manufacturer of structured light lasers, specialized fiber optic, fluorescent, and LED technologies as well as phase masks, specialty optical fiber, and diffractive optics. Through this diverse product mix, the company serves a wide range of markets including the machine vision, industrial inspection, defense, telecommunication, sensors, and medical markets.

StockerYale is organized into two core operating business groups: illumination and optical components. This corporate strategy has allowed the company to advance its strategic initiatives within the optical component markets while maintaining its leadership position within the specialized illumination markets.

The Company’s illumination group is at the forefront of delivering innovative, specialized illumination products to its customers around the world for their critical, high-technology applications. StockerYale is a leading supplier of high-quality fiber optic, fluorescent, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and Lasiris

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