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ADS Technologies

ADS Technologies

ADS Technologies ( ) is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions for the personal computer. Since the company’s inception in 1992, the cornerstone of the company’s success has been to introduce niche or high-end technologies to the consumer marketplace with quality devices sold at a reasonable cost.

Over the years, ADS Technologies, Inc. has brought a wide range of products to market including VGA-to-TV scan converters, video capture and TV Tuner cards, which enabled ADS Technologies to sustain steady growth and sales during the mid-1990’s. This company experienced dramatic growth in the later part of the 1990’s with the expansion into the external bus industry, namely USB and IEEE-1394/FireWire.

Since the introducing of the USB Port for Desktops in 1998, ADS Technologies has contributed to the successful adoption of the USB standard among the 150 million legacy personal computer owners. Currently boasting seven complementary peripherals in its award-winning USB product line, the USB Port for Desktops has become the world’s best selling USB PCI host card.

Nineteen-ninety nine marked one of the company’s most successful years to date with the introduction of the PYRO 1394/FireWire product line and continued popularity of its USB products. PYRO 1394DV, the first consumer-priced digital video editing solution in the PC marketplace, was designed in anticipation of the increasing popularity of digital video camcorders. As prices of DV camcorders dropped, consumers quickly adopted PYRO 1394DV, which offered ease-of-use for first time DV editors, functionality and low cost.

The year 2000 marked the year of FireWire. By the third quarter, nine new PYRO products were announced making the brand name

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