Freitag, Mai 24, 2024
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Basler introduces a megapixel area-scan camera with Camera Link interface

„Series production is expected to begin in mid-second-quarter 2002. The A102k is available in a monochrome version and includes features such as electronic exposure time control, selectable 8- or 10-bit output, a flash/strobe trigger output, binning, smear suppression, and test images. The camera also has an area- of-interest scanning capability and can run at higher frame rates when operating at lower resolutions.\r\n
\r\nSaid product manager Ingo Lewerendt, \“The A102k incorporates a new CCD sensor with superior image quality. The sensor’s high signal-to-noise ratio and inherent low smear characteristics make the it ideal for applications such as intelligent traffic- control systems.\“\r\n
\r\nBasler-VC designs and manufactures advanced vision components for industrial users. Products include color and monochrome linescan and area-scan digital cameras for high-speed and/or high-resolution applications. Product designs are driven by industry requirements offering easy interfacing, compact sizes, and a strong price/performance ratio.“;0;71;4;““;“Source:“;0;““;0;0;0;0;0