Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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Coreco Imaging offers new products

„The PCVisionplus digitizes monochrome analog video to 8 or 12 bits at sample frequencies up to 53 MHz. A hardware scatter gather bus-mastering feature enables high-speed simultaneous source grab and host transfer with minimal CPU involvement, while a high-speed PCI interface permits 133-Mbyte/s bus master host transfers. Numerous OEMs in the semiconductor, electronics, and food industries have already benefited by integrating the PCVisionplus frame grabber into their vision systems.\r\n
\r\nIdeal for sophisticated image processing research and demanding high-speed online inspection applications, WiT visual programming software reduces the overall cost of machine-vision system development.WiT’s interactive block diagram visual programming interface and C-code generator speed algorithm development. With the click of a button, users can test different algorithms, visualize data, adjust parameters and create end-user applications by calling WiT-based image processing and analysis functions directly from Visual Basic or a C/C++ program. And WiT doesn’t sacrifice speed for performance: the software schedules automatic parallel and pipeline execution on multiple-CPU systems with MMX and assembly-optimized libraries.\r\n
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