Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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OmniVision Announces Volume Orders and Shipments of 2M Pixel CMOS CameraChips

„\“OmniVision has already shipped hundreds of thousands of our 2M Pixel CameraChips for the Christmas shopping season and we have orders for hundreds of thousands more,\“ stated John Lynch, Vice President Sales and Marketing at OmniVision, \“With more than a dozen individually branded cameras coming to market with our CameraChips inside, we see this as strong market validation of our technology.\“\r\n
\r\nThe OV2610 is a 1/2 inch optical format CMOS CameraChip with 1200 x 1600 pixels. 1200 x 1600 pixels is generally considered the resolution needed to produce quality 8\“ x 10\“ prints. Manufactured using standard CMOS fabrication technology, the OV2610 does not have the production capacity limitations of traditional CCD image sensors which are manufactured in dedicated fabrication plants. This latest CameraChip offering by Omnivision outputs Bayer Pattern raw RGB data and integrates auto-white balance, auto-exposure, auto-gain control and performs correlated double sampling. The OV2610 is pin-for-pin compatible with OmniVision’s currently shipping 48-pin package OV9620 1.3M Pixel CameraChip. It draws less than 50mA at 3.3 volts, significantly less than comparable CCD based multi-chip image sensor solutions currently available on the market. CMOS CameraChips generally require fewer supporting components than comparable CCD offerings. This allows manufacturers to reduce the overall size and complexity of their camera design and speed the camera manufacturers‘ time-to-market.\r\n
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