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Color Kinetics Is Awarded 13th Patent For Solid State Illumination Technology

\r\nFundamental Patent Covers a Variety of Methods, Systems and Applications of LED-based Illumination \r\n
\r\nBOSTON – October 23, 2002 – Color Kinetics Incorporated today announces it has been awarded its 13th patent relating to its industry-leading line of solid-state illumination technologies. These technologies leverage a layer of digital intelligence to control light emitting diodes (LEDs), generating millions of colors and a variety of lighting effects. The new patent includes nearly 50 separate technology claims and covers a wide variety of methods and systems for illuminating materials with color controlled LED systems.“;“One aspect of the patent relates to a variety of illumination applications where features of a material-such as a design within an object, or a color in a sign or graphic-are highlighted by a color or colors of light. This technique may also be applied to distinguish specific elements in a material from their surroundings, such as in machine vision or medical applications. Another aspect of the patent involves providing a positioning system to remotely align LED illumination systems to light a material, much like the function of a theatrical light. \r\n
\r\nRegarding the significance of the patent, Color Kinetics Co-founder, Chairman and CEO George Mueller explains: \“This is a fundamental patent in the area of LED illumination, given the range of applications and systems covered. It reinforces the abundance of new opportunities for solid-state lighting, and we look forward to continuing our exploration of these opportunities in the marketplace, through our own offerings as well as with partners.\“ \r\n
\r\nThe company is committed to vigorously extending and defending its growing intellectual property portfolio, which today includes 13 issued U.S. and International Patents and over 90 patent filings. \r\n
\r\nFor over five years, Color Kinetics has led the advancement and adoption of solid-state illumination across the professional lighting space, and continues to make great progress in bringing new generations of its intelligent LED systems and control technologies to the general market. In addition, Color Kinetics has built OEM and licensing relationships with leading companies in a growing variety of industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Bridge Design, Gaming/Vending, Entertainment and Architectural Lighting.\r\n
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