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FastVision, LLC.

FastVision, LLC.

The imaging, and machine vision community is continually seeking high-performance stand-alone cameras and camera subsystems to meet their demanding real-world applications. FastVision, LLC. was started in 2002 by both framegrabber and camera industry veterans who understand these requirements and have the goal of developing leading edge products that enable customers to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

The opportunity that the current market offers is the general availability of high-speed and cost effective CMOS sensors, high-speed, low-power microprocessors, and FPGAs. Using these technologies enables FastVision to develop market leading products for the high-speed accelerated or “smart” camera markets. These markets have traditionally been served by proprietary products that are expensive, have limited real-time compute capabilities, and have restricted storage disk or memory space.

The FastCamera Series of cameras and systems are the initial realizations of the concept of high-speed mega pixel digital camera systems, based on CMOS imagers. These cameras have a high-speed, scalable, integrated FPGA and memory subsystem which enables stand-alone high speed in-camera image processing. When integrated with a high powered framegrabber/coprocessor board, or a host subsystem, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded according to the compute needs of the user. In addition, this subsystem can be integrated with the newest disk technology to allow sustained real-time data acquisition to hard disk.

Thus the FastCamera40 and FastCamera13 are the initial offerings of an new and innovative high-tech camera company.

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