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Analog Devices‘ Performance-Leading Consumer Digital Imaging Converters Optimize

Analog Devices‘ Performance-Leading Consumer Digital Imaging Converters Optimized for Professional Applications\r\n
\r\nWednesday November 27, 8:00 am ET \r\n
\r\nNew 12-bit CMOS and CCD analog front-end solutions improve image quality for high-end digital still cameras and camcorders, scientific and industrial applications. \r\n
\r\nNORWOOD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 27, 2002– Analog Devices Inc. (NYSE: ADI – News), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced the expansion of its industry-leading data converter portfolio with the addition of two state-of-the-art analog front-end (AFE) converters for digital imaging. Analog Devices‘ industry-standard AFEs are employed in a wide variety of well-known, high-performance digital still cameras and camcorders. Leveraging this expertise in consumer digital still camera technology, Analog Devices now offers devices for CMOS and CCD imaging sensors used in high-end digital still cameras and camcorders and in high-performance scientific and industrial imaging applications, such as machine vision, biomedical imaging, and crash-test analysis.“;“\“Our expertise in technology for the consumer digital still camera market has made the entry into professional imaging market a natural next step,\“ said Willard Bucklen, product line director, High Speed Converters, Analog Devices. \“Our solutions now offer industrial and scientific imaging designers the best noise performance in the industry along with the high levels of integration necessary to acquire, condition, and digitize high-resolution images.\“ \r\n
\r\nFirst 12-Bit, 40-MSPS AFE for CMOS Imagers \r\n
\r\nThe AD9821 is the industry’s first 12-bit, 40-MSPS AFE. The device is designed to interface with CMOS imagers used in applications for which image quality is essential, such as medical imaging, microscopy, industrial/machine vision, digital photography, biometrics, and automatic inspection equipment. An alternative to component-based solutions using several ICs performing discrete functions, the AD9821 provides all the functionality needed to digitize an image from a CMOS image sensor on a single, integrated chip. The AD9821 features a 12-bit, 40-MSPS ADC that interfaces with high-speed CMOS sensors via a differential sensor input. It includes a low-noise optical black clamp and a 0-to-36 dB, 10-bit programmable gain amplifier. The AD9821 dissipates only 150 mW, enabling longer battery life in portable applications. \r\n
\r\nBest Performance for CCD Imagers \r\n
\r\nThe AD9845B is the industry’s highest performance 12-bit, 30-MSPS AFE and is designed for high-speed, high-resolution CCD (charge-coupled devices) imaging applications, such as scientific and industrial imaging devices, as well as digital still cameras and camcorders. Addressing designer demand for higher resolution images produced at faster bit rates, the AD9845B improves upon the standard AFE resolution of 10 bits, delivering image quality 4 times higher and 1.5 times faster than any standard AFE on the market. In addition, the AD9845B features an integrated 6-bit resolution PxGA® (pixel gain amplifier) that enables better image quality, by allowing gain to be finely tuned to fit the image. \r\n
\r\nThe AD9845B includes a 12-bit 30-MSPS ADC (analog-to-digital converter), a 30-MSPS CDS (correlated double sampler), a 4 dB plus/minus 6 dB 6-bit PxGA®, and a 2 dB to 36 dB 10-bit VGA (variable gain amplifier). It also provides an input clamp, black level clamp, and input modes for processing analog video signals. Its internal registers are programmed through a 3-wire serial digital interface. Programmable features include gain adjustment, black level adjustment, input confirmation and power-down modes. The AD9845B operates from a single 3 V power supply and typically dissipates 153 mW.“;0;60;4;“admin“;““;0;““;0;0;0;0;0