Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2024
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FLAWSCAN – A New Generation of Smart Systems for Surface Inspection

„Pessac, France – i2S Line Scan introduces FlawScan, an embedded smart system\r\n
\r\nplatform for line scan acquisition and processing. Incorporating the latest\r\n
\r\ni2S line scan hardware technology, FlawScan provides a compact and robust\r\n
\r\nindustrial package for industrial web inspection applications.“;“FlawScan supports all popular line scan cameras including the latest\r\n
\r\nhigh-speed, multi-tap and color models. Up to two cameras may be connected\r\n
\r\nto each FlawScan module and multiple modules may be connected via an\r\n
\r\nEthernet link.\r\n
\r\nIncoming line scan data is processed in the FlawScan box and defect analysis\r\n
\r\nresults are sent out over the Ethernet link to a remote PC for data display\r\n
\r\nand storage. Defect maps and roll map reports can be displayed on the remote\r\n
\r\nFlawScan is offered in several configurations with different hardware and\r\n
\r\nsoftware capabilities to meet the needs of a wide range of end users,\r\n
\r\nsystems integrators and OEMs.\r\n
\r\nFlaw Scan is now available for delivery.\r\n
\r\nFlawScan will be on display at Ipot 12-13 February Birmingham (UK), at our\r\n
\r\nbooth at Solution Vision 1-2-3 April Paris (France), and at the Vision Messe\r\n
\r\n21-22-23 October Stuttgart (Germany).\r\n
\r\ni2S Line Scan with more than 20 years of experience designs, manufactures\r\n
\r\nand sells world-wide, electronic boards, software and line scan vision sub\r\n
\r\nsystems for web inspection and linescan applications.\r\n
\r\nContact Information:\r\n
\r\nMr. Adrien Poly – Sales Department, \r\n
\r\nPhone : (33) 557-26-69-02, Fax : (33)557-26-68-99, email\r\n
\r\nMr. Pascal CHEVALIER – Communication, \r\n
\r\nPhone : (33) 557-26-69-00 EXT 130, Fax : (33)557-26-68-99, email\r\n
\r\nWeb site:\r\n