Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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PPT VISION, Inc. Announces Product Distribution Alliance With Power/mation

„While encompassing PPT’s entire 2D product line, the alliance with Power/mation is focused primarily on PPT’s new IMPACT(TM) Machine Vision Micro-System. IMPACT has all the power and flexibility of high-end vision systems at a price-point similar to vision sensors and smart cameras. This system is well suited to the general purpose industrial market and is complementary to the existing automation and controls products offered by Power/mation.\r\n
\r\n\“We are excited about being selected as the exclusive distributor for PPT as it enables us to expand our product offerings and better address the growing demand for a powerful, cost-effective machine vision inspection system that can be integrated into our customers‘ automation requirements,\“ said Mr. John Pirner, Vice President of Business Development of Power/mation. \“Our customers are demanding nothing less than total quality, and machine vision systems are the most cost efficient means to provide this level of quality. By creating a flexible software interface package for IMPACT called Inspection Builder(TM), PPT provides access to powerful and versatile algorithms needed by integrators and developers. They have also made the operator interface panels simple to create and easy to use. Operators can customize screens with point and click simplicity and view and operate multiple cameras on one screen. PPT’s 20 years of machine vision experience has enabled them to develop a superior product that is responsive to our customers‘ needs. We expect substantial growth in the industrial machine vision market,\“ concluded Mr. Pirner.\r\n
\r\n\“Our alliance with Power/mation is a strong validation of the power, flexibility and broad application of IMPACT and its associated Inspection Builder software,\“ said Rick Hinze, PPT’s Director of North American Sales. \“Through their large sales staff and integrator network, Power/mation will provide PPT with significantly enhanced sales opportunities with many new customers.\“\r\n
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