Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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Robotic Vision Systems Gets $1.3 Million Order for Data Matrix Readers

„The terms of the order require delivery of the readers over a two-year period, with approximately two-thirds of the units scheduled in the first twelve months. Deliveries under the order are expected to begin in the current quarter.\r\n
\r\nThe organization purchasing RVSI’s readers is a specialist in personal records system for quality assured medical treatment. The organization places emphasis on patient safety while ensuring confidentiality. The organization’s goal is to ensure better diagnosis, treatment basis and correct medication wherever the patient is situated.\r\n
\r\nIn emergencies, doctors generally lack knowledge of the patient’s previous illnesses, use of medication and any allergies or reactions to medication. Vital information is therefore essential to prevent wrong treatment or giving wrong medication. The organization’s goal is to make patient case histories available to physicians while fully safeguarding personal data. This is done by encrypting a patient’s medical history into a two-dimensional bar code called Data Matrix, which is contained on a card carried by the patient. The medical organization will provide local doctors, ambulance services, emergency rooms and hospitals with the hardware and software to read the patient’s health record in a treatment situation.\r\n
\r\n\“RVSI is pleased to have been chosen to provide a critical link of this medical care system,\“ said Pat V. Costa, RVSI’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. \“We have long been a proponent of the use of Data Matrix technology as a means of encrypting data such as this, and we believe other, similar applications will follow. Our goal is to be the principal provider of 2-D bar code imagers across a broad range of applications.\“\r\n
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