Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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„Schneider’s Industrial Filters enhance image contrast, reduce glare and select the appropriate wavelength range for machine vision applications when attached to a CCD or CMOS camera lens. Manufactured to tolerances so precise that technical specifications are actually guaranteed, Schneider Industrial Filters are designed to ensure excellent transmission uniformity when used with high quality lenses in Mega Pixel applications. Their specially-designed thin-profile mounts eliminate mechanical vignetting with even the shortest focal-length (wide-angle) lenses.
\r\n\“The quality of an image depends on the quality of the lens, and on the selection of the appropriate filter for the subject and lighting conditions.\“ said Dr. Josef Staub, CEO of Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH. \“Our new Industrial Filters build upon our world-renowned machine vision lenses, to give system designers even more ability to optimize image quality.\“
\r\nSchneider Industrial Filters are available in UV, IR , color and neutral density, in all common thread sizes, for quick and easy attachment to all types of lenses. Circular and linear polarizing filters are available in rotating mounts with locking mechanisms that enable fast, accurate alignment of the polarization axis. Custom filters with special transmission characteristics are available to meet even the most challenging special requirements.
\r\nIn addition to standard MgF2 anti-reflective coatings, all Schneider Industrial Filters are available with a proprietary Multi Resistant Coating (MRC); a hydrophobic broadband multilayer coating that provides an extremely high resistance to mechanical and environmental stress. Special V-coatings optimize optical systems for specific wavelengths.
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