Samstag, Juni 22, 2024
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Power Flash controller, combined with slimmer lighting

FAL/FDL04, FAL/FDL06 and FAL/FDL08 series Power Flash lighting are ideal automation components for mechanical and plant engineers as well as for automation technicians and meet the toughest demands of industry-compatibility expected of components used in Machine Vision. Also included ‘on board’ are sophisticated lightning and control electronics which are seamlessly integrated into the extremely slim 21 mm thick lighting housing.
All lighting is equipped to handle a wide range of input voltages (10 – 30 VDC), a control voltage input (0 – 10 VDC) and a trigger input.
This permits flash intervals of down to 1 µs. Regulated current pulses of up to 200A are produced internally, allowing the light-generating LEDs to emit light of up to 50 times higher intensity compared with conventional lighting. The respective sizes of the radiant fields are 60 x 90, 90 x 120 and 120 x 180 mm.
Optically decoupled inputs for triggering, brightness and setting the flash interval guard against possible damage or incorrect connection, guaranteeing galvanic separation and protection against overvoltage. Encased in a flat, mechanically durable, hard-anodised aluminium housing, the exterior of vicolux® Power Flash lighting is also armed against tough industrial everyday life. M6 mounting holes suitable for mechanical engineering and drag-chain compatible cables round off the list of features.
vicolux® Power Flash lighting has independent control of the flash interval and brightness, permitting a very straightforward set-up process. It allows a wide range of possible configurations in order to adapt to the process concerned. For example, processes which run continuously and at high speed can be controlled using the extremely short flash intervals. A high brightness level is also required for tasks involving incident lighting combined with poorly reflecting parts.
The wide range of input voltages possible, standard for all vicolux® lighting, immediately eliminates any industrial network voltage fluctuations and avoids the necessity of expensive extra power supplies.
They are safe to handle and long-lived due to the use of LEDs as the light source. Vision & Control flash lighting also saves on the expense of additional flash controllers and is free of EMC problems. They are simple to install and to handle and are available world-wide as standard components.
Further information is available from:
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