Sonntag, Juni 16, 2024
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Point Grey Research® Announces New 1.3MP Addition to the Dragonfly®2 Family

The Dragonfly2 DR2-13S2 model can generate full resolution 1280×960 images at 20 FPS, has improved sensitivity and near-IR performance, and minimizes smear. It also incorporates a smaller, streamlined CS-mount lens holder to minimize weight and cost, and a new Analog Devices 12-bit A/D converter for faster digitizing and better timing. The DR2-13S2 contains all the key features of the Dragonfly2 family, such as on-camera color processing, auto iris lens support, asynchronous triggering, pixel binning and regions of interest, automatic synchronization of multiple cameras, in-field firmware upgrades and on-board memory channels. The 1.3MP Dragonfly2 DR2 13S2 is available now from Point Grey Research and its network of distributors.