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MontiVision Imaging Technologies

MontiVision Imaging Technologies

Your Partner In Digital Video and DirectX/DirectShow Development If you are looking for a way to integrate digital video capture and processing functionality into your products, you’ve found the right company! You want to create video acquisition, machine vision, surveillance or medical imaging applications, but you don’t want to rely on proprietary hard- and software? You need a turnkey solution, a custom DirectShow Filter or DirectX consultation? We offer products and services helping you to implement hardware independent solutions. We are working with DirectShow for video- and image processing since 1996. Choose the leading DirectShow experts for the realization of your video related projects. Our Philosophy The use of hardware and software with standardized interfaces (Microsoft DirectShow/ DirectX) to ensure our products future, and ease of use.

Company: MontiVision Imaging Technologies
Street: MontiVision Imaging Technologies Ingenieurb
Zip-Code: 24797
City: Breiholz
Country: Deutschland
Phone: +49 (4332) 9914-25
Fax: +49(4332)9914-26