Dienstag, Juni 25, 2024
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Infrared lighting module VC Flash for ITS applications

Caught in the spotlight: Infrared lighting module VC Flash for ITS applications Ettlingen

– Image processing experts Vision Components round off their ITS product portfolio with the powerful new VC Flash infrared area lighting for OEMs. The lighting module has been developed specifically for traffic surveillance applications. Fitted with 24 high power LEDs, it ensures optimal brightness in mobile and stationary ANPR/ALPR applications, red light enforcement, access control and toll collection without a glare effect that could endanger drivers. VC Flash illuminates an area measuring 7.5 by 5.0 m from 20 m away. Extra-high brightness can be achieved by activating several connected VC Flash modules.

Illustration: Vision Components‘ new VC Flash infrared lighting module ensures optimal brightness in traffic surveillance and other ITS applications.

The module measures 195 x 80 x 20 mm. It operates with a central wavelength of 850 nm and a spectral width of 30 nm. Power consumption peaks at 36 W for the highest pulse duration and pulse frequency levels. A trigger regulates pulse duration between 10-500 µs, with automatic switch-off at the upper threshold. VC Flash features an integrated lighting controller and status LEDs that signal various modes of operation. It is ideally suited to be combined with the Carrida OEM board camera and Carrida software engine to form a highly efficient comprehensive package. The modular design allows for a free combination of individual components or their integration into enclosures as needed. It features a voltage input and output as well as a trigger input and output. Aside from ITS applications, the lighting module is suited for all Machine Vision applications with variable or poor light conditions or more demanding lighting requirements.