Freitag, April 19, 2024
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MVTec MERLIC 2.1 makes imaging even more user-friendly

MERLIC Engine with new functions

An important new development is the enhancement of the MERLIC Engine, which was introduced in the preceding major release, MERLIC 2. In addition to generally improving performance, this approach makes it possible to import externally recorded images as input parameters and process them within the MERLIC Engine. „Our customers can look forward to an easier user experience when it comes to generating applications,“ says Thorsten Daus, Product Manager MERLIC at MVTec. „The enhancements of the MERLIC Engine will make the system’s area of application even more flexible. System integrators and imaging specialists will thus be able to easily and quickly put together the machine vision applications they need without much programming knowledge. This is, of course, a key factor in saving costs.“

First-class sales service for global markets

With MERLIC 2.1 going on sale in June, the launch of the innovative software will reach the next level: MERLIC will be available worldwide. To give customers the best possible support, all new MERLIC sales partners will receive targeted, professional training from MVTec, as in the case of the „MVTec MERLIC Days“ training sessions being held in Munich and Bangkok. The successful MERLIC seminars in Taiwan, China, and Japan, with a total attendance of nearly 1,000 people, also underscore MVTec’s increasing involvement in the Far East.

Gerhard Wagner, Head of Sales at MVTec, explains: „Against the background of our highly successful customer tours in Asia and Europe, as well as other planned sales training sessions, we look forward to expanding our sales network with the MERLIC 2.1 release. The demand for user-friendly, self-explanatory machine vision software exists not only in all industries but also in all industrialized and emerging markets. We welcome the challenge of offering first-class sales service to the global markets.“