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Vision Light Tech

Vision Light Tech

Vision Light Tech offers a wide range of illumination, lenses and filter solutions. Our products are used in the industrial machine vision industry and microscopy market. We also customize standard products to suit individual customer requirements. Vision Light Tech has established an European Network of OEMs, Vision System Integrators, Distributors and end-users.

Vision Light Tech:

is the first and foremost Photonics specialist for Imaging Applications
is focusing on Partnerships with World Market Leaders
is an Independent Advisor
offers Top Quality Products
is AIA Member
is EMVA Member

Company: Vision Light Tech
Zip-Code: 5405 NE
City: Uden
Country: Netherlands
Phone: +31 413 260067
Fax: +31 413 260938
Email: pvdv@vlt.nl
Homepage: http://www.vlt.nl