Freitag, Mai 24, 2024
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Nyquist completes motion-control system with FireWire I/O

„FirePoint is an integrated part of the Nyquist motion-control platform. The modules offer a highly flexible modular system that can be used to create diverse combinations. The softCPU at the core of a FirePoint module controls input and output and manages communications with the other modules in the 1394 FireWire network. This gives FirePoint local intelligence.\r\n
\r\nDigital inputs/outputs (24 V) are a standard feature of the FirePoint system. Moreover, the desired functionality can be expanded using additional modules, including such options as stepper-motor control and analogue input/output. FirePoint can easily be connected to a PC via a standardised 1394 FireWire cable. FirePoint is available in a DIN rail version for installation on controller boards and in a 19-in. rack version for the OEM machine builders.\r\n