Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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Motorola Selects DALSA Semiconductor for Gold Performance Award

„\“We are very proud that Motorola has chosen DALSA Semiconductor for this award, recognizing us as a key foundry partner providing high-quality products on-time every time delivery and services,\“ stated Dr. Savvas Chamberlain, CEO of DALSA.\r\n
\r\n\“Motorola’s SPS Gold Performance Award is presented to a foundry that scores at the top of our list in a variety of areas with an emphasis on delivery and service,\“ commented Jim Duckworth, Vice President and Director Supply Management for Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector. \“Our ability to maintain outstanding cycle times and yields is reflected in DALSA achieving 100% on time delivery for weekly deliveries over the last 18 months. This achievement underscores our commitment to Motorola’s outsourcing strategy, and underlines the close business and technical relationship between the two companies.\“\r\n
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