Machine Vision Software Demo Now Available!

„Intelicount machine vision software\r\nFast and easy to use. Machine vision software for the VC M30 and M40 cameras from Vision Components. The software uses a simple point and click setup feature. Select from percent coverage, square millimeters, and pixel coverage. Only 4 steps are required from start to finish. Fast internal DSP allows for complete analysis on camera. Includes setup of built in ring light, trigger input, and pass / fail outputs. After setup, camera returns to run mode if power fails. Demo software is available by contacting Vision Systems Engineering, Ltd., 7416 NE 169th Street, Kenmore, WA; (206) 718-2080; Fax: (425) 488-0256. Download free demao at \r\n“;“.“;0;84;4;“vseltd“;““;0;““;0;0;0;10;2