Freitag, Mai 24, 2024
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The CMV vision inspection system is revolutionizing the vision industry

Vision Systems Engineering, Ltd.
\r\nThe CMV industrial vision inspection system is revolutionizing the vision industry. It is incredibly easy to use and has dramatically reduced the cost of vision and is one of the fastest stand-alone IP 67 systems available.“;“Secure in a compact stainless steel housing, it runs on-line without computer or frame grabber . There is a range of four models, each best suited to the particular complexity of application. The CMV is designed and engineered like no other vision system. In six easy stages the CMV can be set up to perform a range of measurement, gauging, detection and positional inspections. 1D & 2D codes can also be read and, with the advanced models, optional OCR is available. It is capable of inspecting up to 2000 parts a minute and is easily interfaced to the production line. VSE can assist in setting up the complete vision inspection system, including appropriate lighting, although because of the simplicity, it is possible to do it yourself. Step by step intuitive software guides you setting up the system from calibrating to on line inspection. The CMV runs as a stand-alone system and only needs a PC for the initial set up. Inspections for up to 99 different products can be stored in CMV. An optional remote selector provides control over CMV, allowing you to change between inspection tasks and to view results. Applications for the CMV in manufacturing and process control are endless.“;0;123;4;“vseltd“;““;0;““;0;0;0;5;1