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Rainbow Announces Joint Development with FLIR Systems, Inc.

„InTransTech, Rainbow’s wholly owned subsidiary, announced the installation of its first Wildlife Protection System in the Kootenay National Park last week. The infrared based systems are designed to warn drivers of animals on the road in an effort to reduce wildlife related accidents and fatalities on the highways. \r\n
\r\nInTransTech’s sister company, QWIP Technologies Inc. also a subsidiary of the Rainbow Group, will manufacture the infrared sensors that will be employed in the wildlife systems. FLIR Systems will utilize the QWIP sensors to manufacture complete camera systems for the project. \r\n
\r\n“We are pleased to have a solid, well established partner which is so well- known in the infrared industry,” says Mr. Riad Chehayeb, Vice President of Operations of the Rainbow Group, and President and CEO of InTransTech. “In addition to our current partner, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), FLIR’s involvement will only help ensure the success of our Wildlife Systems.”\r\n
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\r\nWe’re excited to work with InTransTech on this application of infrared technology and equally excited to work with QWIP Technologies to build cameras with their state-of-the-art QWIP detectors,” said Bill Sundermeier, Senior Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Systems. \r\n
\r\n“Having an established partner in the infrared industry increases the magnitude of the project, and allows us to confidently deal with all the inquiries we are receiving with respect to this project,” stated Graham Gilfillan, Manager for Loss Prevention, ICBC. “When ICBC invests in projects like this, they are looking for a good return on their investments. Partners like FLIR increase that potential significantly. Since our latest press conference regarding the Wildlife Systems held on August 1, we have been fielding calls from all over the world.”\r\n
\r\nRainbow and InTransTech have received an enormous amount of support from the media on this project. All news articles have been attached to the Rainbow website at\r\n
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