Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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i2S Line Scan introduces Flaw Extractor Plus

„Pessac, France – i2S Line Scan introduces Flaw Extractor Plus (FXP) a new,\r\n
\r\nreal-time processing module for Horizon Line Scan boards offering advanced\r\n
\r\nimage processing functions for line scan applications. Using the latest FPGA\r\n
\r\ntechnology, FXP provides real-time filtering and thresholding capabilities\r\n
\r\nfor high-speed analysis of defects and objects.\r\n
\r\nStandard processing features include:\r\n
\r\n- Convolution & Morphological filtering up to 7×7 kernel \r\n
\r\n- Averaging filters up to 32×32 kernel\r\n
\r\n- Real-time Thresholding operators\r\n
\r\n- Real-time color-space conversion operators\r\n
\r\n“;“FXP allows many 2D processing operators, currently implemented in software,\r\n
\r\nto now be run in hardware, on the Horizon board. This provides a major\r\n
\r\nimprovement in system performance and makes it possible to implement\r\n
\r\ndemanding line scan applications previously not possible due to s/w overhead\r\n
\r\nand PCI bus bandwidth limitations.\r\n
\r\nThe FXP platform will also accommodate custom processing functions that may\r\n
\r\nbe required for special applications. \r\n
\r\nFXP is compatible with both the Horizon4LC and Horizon-Link boards, with\r\n
\r\nsupport for all popular line scan cameras including the latest LVDS and\r\n
\r\nCamera LinkTM products.\r\n
\r\nApplications include:\r\n
\r\n- Web Inspection\r\n
\r\n- Semiconductor wafer and PC-board inspection\r\n
\r\n- Document Scanning\r\n
\r\n- Color Inspection (food sorting, wood inspection, recycling)\r\n
\r\nFlaw Extractor Plus will be on display at our booth at the Vision Messe\r\n
\r\n12-13-14 November Stuttgart (Germany) and at Vision Show West 19-20-21\r\n
\r\nNovember Santa Clara US.\r\n
\r\ni2S Line Scan with more than 20 years of experience designs, manufactures\r\n
\r\nand sells world-wide, electronic boards, software and line scan vision sub\r\n
\r\nsystems for web inspection and linescan applications.\r\n
\r\nContact Information:\r\n
\r\nMr. Adrien Poly – Sales Department, \r\n
\r\nPhone : (33) 557-26-69-02, Fax : (33)557-26-68-99, email\r\n
\r\nMr. Pascal CHEVALIER – Communication, \r\n
\r\nPhone : (33) 557-26-69-00 EXT 130, Fax : (33)557-26-68-99, email\r\n
\r\nWeb site: .“;0;70;4;“TUX“;““;0;““;0;0;0;0;0