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Dalsa releases DALSTAR 1M75-SA camera

„NOVEMBER 8–DALSA (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) has released the DALSTAR 1M75-SA CMOS area camera–third in the series of small-body \“Stop Action\“ (SA) cameras. The 1M75-SA features a 1-Mpixel CMOS image sensor with a global nonrolling shutter capable of 75 frames per second at full resolution or 100,000 frames per second with windowing.“;“Like the 1M28-SA released in June 2002, the 1M75 features LINLOG, technology that significantly increases intrascene dynamic range (up to 120 dB). With LINLOG, the camera operates linearly until a threshold of charge is collected, then changes its response to a logarithmic compression. The threshold level is programmable, allowing the user flexibility around linear or logarithmic compression. LINLOG technology is of particular benefit in applications where there are large differences in brightness, such as traffic management and welding. \r\n
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\r\nGlobal shuttering greatly reduces image blur by simultaneously exposing the entire pixel array rather than sequencing the exposure line-by-line as is typical of rolling shutter CMOS devices on the market today. The 1M75-SA camera incorporates programmable and diagnostic features that are fully accessible through a Camera Link MDR26 connector. \r\n
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\r\nPackaged in a robust, small body, with selectable 8- or 10-bit digitization, the 1M75 is suitable for electronics manufacturing inspection, industrial metrology, welding, and traffic management.\r\n
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